The Risk for Zika Virus in Ponte Vedra & the Jacksonville Area Is Still Significant

Did you think the threat of Zika Virus in Greater Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra is gone? Given the lack of media attention, especially compared to this time last year, I wouldn’t be surprised if most people think the Zika scare is over. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are still alive and well here, as is the Zika Virus. 

New Locally-Transmitted Zika Case

According to the Sun Sentinel a person in Miami-Dade was discovered to have a locally-acquired case of Zika Virus just last week. There have also been four new cases of travel-related Zika Virus in South Florida.

The Florida Department of Health notes that the recent locally-acquired case of Zika Virus was likely contracted in 2016, but because they had no symptoms, officials do not know exactly when the virus was contracted. This is a steep reminder, especially to travelers, that you can have Zika and spread Zika without ever knowing you have it. It’s an especially dangerous scenario for pregnant women in the area.

The total number of Zika cases in Florida in 2017 is now at 29 cases. Thirteen of those cases were in pregnant women. While there is no “active transmission” taking place, officials warn that isolated cases of locally-acquired Zika are not uncommon.

Early 2017 Mosquito Season

This early in the mosquito season, the current number of 29 Zika cases is expected to rise. According to CBS47 the warm winter has had mosquitoes out early this year. They also issue a reminder that March is spring break season, which is when we would expect to see the Zika Virus being brought back to Florida from tropical locations that are more affected. Check out the CDC’s Zika travel notice page for the latest on affected countries.

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