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Why Are The Mosquitoes So Bad?

Mosquitoes are out in full force right now. Why? Because our area is damp, hot and prone to thunderstorms along with the humidity we endure at this time of year – the perfect combination for mosquitoes.

Knowing where they hide is an important step in the mosquito prevention process. Mosquitoes are going to hide under leaves and under branches; they don’t hide under grass. Mosquitoes also breed under decks, trampolines and between ivy. Understanding where the pesky insects like to hangout is half the battle – now, steps need to be taken to help get rid of them altogether.

First, tip over wagon’s, plastic toys, plant saucers, and any other objects lying around the yard that water can collect in. Eliminating excess water reduces the mosquitoes breeding grounds significantly. Next, toss excess grass, leaves, firewood, and clippings from the yard. Also, if tarps aren’t stretched taut over woodpiles, boats, or sports equipment, they’re holding water that can serve as a breeding ground. Finally, the best way to prevent mosquito born illness is to bite back, take preemptive action, and avoid mosquito bites all together.

The bottom line is whether you choose DEET or a natural alternative, no protection is not an option.