About Us

Mosquito Squad® of Northwest San Antonio & the Hill Country

For over 13 years, Mosquito Squad of Northwest San Antonio and The Hill Country has been protecting families from the nuisance and hazards of mosquitoes and ticks. We created the Protective Barrier Treatment in 2005 and since then have protected over 300,000 families with over 2 million visits. Our team of licensed and trained technicians offers excellent services to let you enjoy your yard again.

Our most popular mosquito control treatment is our barrier spray that eliminates up to 90% of the mosquito population in your yard, and it continues working for up to 21 days. Our team uses a targeting application that provides immediate knock-down elimination and residual protection from mosquitoes. The first thing our technicians do is identify where mosquitoes thrive on your property and apply our EPA-registered treatments to eliminate them on contact. The great thing is that your family and pets only have to wait 30 minutes after the treatment has dried to start enjoying your yard. We are proud to serve clients throughout Northwest San Antonio. Contact our team of licensed and trained technicians today for a free estimate at (830) 224-2070.

You don’t have to be a mosquito’s favorite meal. Call Mosquito Squad today for a free estimate at (830) 224-2070. We guarantee you’ll love what we do!