natural Mosquito Control and Mosquito Predators

Posted by Mosquito Squad
natural Mosquito Control and Mosquito Predators

December 20, 2023

Mosquitoes and the itchy bites and illnesses they can cause make us want to just get rid of them all.

On the surface, ridding the world of mosquitoes sounds like a positive scenario. At Mosquito Squad of North Shore, we know that total mosquito annihilation is not the answer to protecting us from mosquitoes and mosquito-borne illnesses, like EEE. Let’s consider why a mosquito apocalypse is a bad idea.

Different types of animals rely on mosquitoes as a food source.

When it comes to natural mosquito control, it does not get more natural than this. Birds, bats, and fish have healthy diets of mosquitoes. Even some insects eat mosquitoes. The circle of life, a balanced ecosystem – mosquitoes play their part!

Which animals feed on mosquitoes?

  • Dragonflies eat mosquitoes – up to 100 adult mosquitoes per day in adulthood. Dragonfly larvae will feed on mosquito larvae too.
  • Some bats eat mosquitoes – In the U.S., little and big brown bats find mosquito diets tasty. Little brown bats are more likely to eat them than big brown bats. Little brown bats also eat a larger variety of mosquito breeds.
  • Birds that eat mosquitoes include geese, ducks, purple martins, and swallows. These birds feed on larvae and adult mosquitoes.
  • Guppies, goldfish, bluegills, and catfish are just a few of the types of fish that feed on mosquitoes and their larvae. The biggest consumer of mosquito larvae is the Gambusia affins, also knowns as the “mosquito fish.” At only 2-inches in length, these guys can eat hundreds of mosquito larvae each day.

Does Mother Nature provide ample North Reading mosquito control?

Unfortunately, if you rely on nature alone to protect you from mosquitoes, you will find it to be insufficient mosquito control. You likely do not have a great number of mosquito-eating animals around your home. Even if you did, these animals do not feed on mosquitoes alone. The great news is Mosquito Squad’s natural mosquito control can give Mother Nature a hand in the matter. Our naturalNorth Reading mosquito protection treatment is comprised of essential oils that will effectively repel mosquitoes from your property for about two weeks between sprays. We also offer an EPA-registered mosquito barrier protection mist that offers more protection, as well as longer protection from mosquito bites around your home.

If you are in search of an all-natural North Reading mosquito control solution, call on Mosquito Squad of North Shore, America’s original and guaranteed mosquito protection since 2005. (978) 597-7168