Some Mosquitoes Are Trickier Than Others

Did you know there are over 3,500 species of mosquitoes worldwide? There are about 51 mosquito species right here in Massachusetts. While there are some generally similar habits among most mosquito species such as needing water for eggs, larva, and pupae to develop, there are quite a few variations in their preferences that allow them to thrive in a variety of environments. One very distinct variation occurs in the cattail mosquito (Coquillettidia perturbans). A distinct behavior that makes them very difficult to eradicate.


Cattail mosquitoes have a unique early life stage. As larvae, they live in the bottom of freshwater swamps. To survive, they pierce the stems of submerged plants and breathe through the plant chambers, just like a snorkel. Cattails make a perfect snorkel, which gave them their namesake. This particular behavior makes it more difficult to eliminate them for two major reasons. 1. We cannot eliminate the standing water in which they live (like container breeders). 2. Larvicide does not affect them because they live so deep in the water right up until they reach the pupal stage before becoming adults. This combination can mean that during the months when they are most prevalent our treatment might last for a shorter duration because we can only effectively eliminate adults and pupae.


Another unique feature of the cattail mosquito is their ability to survive as larvae in the bottom of freshwater swamps for the winter. According to Northeast Massachusetts Mosquito Control and Wetlands Management District in Newburyport, they take almost a year to develop. This means that during a summer drought like we have this year, these mosquitoes are not at all affected. They have been developing underwater for a year and will emerge in large numbers as adults regardless of the drought.

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