The World’s Most Deadly Animal May Not Be What You Think

Ticks in the North Shore are ridiculous. This isn’t new information. You probably don’t scroll through internet news or social media without reading about deer ticks and Lyme disease and the problem that they are causing us in North Shore and all of Massachusetts. But ticks really aren’t the only pests you need to be aware of.

Big, Sharp Teeth Don’t Necessarily Equate Danger

Thanks to Gates Notes, we know which animals are most deadly to humans.

When you think of dangerous animals are they large with big teeth? Sharks maybe? In 2015 of the top 20 most deadly animals sharks came in last, only killing 6 people, and still, shark bites make the news as if they are the most dangerous thing you can encounter.

infographic of the world's deadliest animals, with mosquitoes the most deadly by far

Next, still in the realm of sharp teeth, we have crocodiles. They were way above sharks at annual 1,000 kills. Sounds like a lot and yet the sandfly killed over 24,000 people in 2015. Apparently, size and sharpness of teeth really aren’t a contributing factor to most dangerous.

Mosquitoes Are the Deadliest Animal on Earth

As we get to the top of the list it’s unfortunate to find that humans come in second with a whopping 580,000, but keep in mind that includes all accidental deaths, war, and homicide. So what is first? First is mosquitoes and by A LOT.

In 2015, 830,000 people died due to mosquito-borne illness. Maybe we don’t talk about mosquitoes as much in Massachusetts as we do ticks but they are here. They are here and these days vectors of illness’ geographic locations are growing and changing due to climate change and international travel. We need to be more aware than ever of how that can affect us.

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