The Asian Tiger Mosquito in Massachusetts-Top 10 Things You Need to Know

The Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus) is native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Southeast Asia. This particular species of mosquito has become a menace in many areas of North America which include Massachusetts. The Asian Tiger feeds during the day as well as in the evening. As with any other mosquito, the Asian Tiger mosquito can harbor and spread disease through its bite. The Asian Tiger mosquito has been identified as the main carrier of Chikungunya fever, a debilitating joint disease, with outbreaks already reported in Asia, Africa and Italy. Though no outbreaks have been reported here in the U.S., a few cases have been reported as a result of americans traveling abroad.

The Asian tiger mosquito  is named for the distinct black and white striping that resembles that of the tiger. I hesitate to think it was an accident that this mosquito shows the same aggression when feeding as it’s namesake either.  This Invasive species exhibits more hostile feeding habits than other mosquitoes, even swarming homeowners within their own backyards and being mistaken by many as bees. Since this ferocious little pest has been identified in Essex county and other areas of Massachusetts. Mosquito Squad of the North Shore  has compiled a list of 10 things you need to know about the Asian Tiger Mosquito.

#1) Asian tiger mosquitoes are a very hardy species and can multiply quickly and can be difficult to gain control over.

#2) Asian tiger mosquitoes feed during the day as well as night. Most mosquitoes primarily feed at night.

#3) Asian tiger mosquitoes are very aggressive feeders/biters.

#4) Asian tiger mosquitoes can breed in virtually any minimal  amount of water including small puddles, crevices in trees, planter reservoirs and even bottle caps.

#5) Asian tiger mosquitoes are experts at hiding.

#6) A brood of Asian tiger mosquitoes can hatch in as little as a few days.

#7) Asian tiger mosquitoes are attracted to us by the carbon dioxide we exhale and can detect it from 75 feet away.

#8) An adult Asian tiger mosquito can live up to 6 months. In the right circumstances this means a lot of bites over their life span. During her lifetime a female can lay over 2,000 eggs as well.

#9) Asian tiger mosquitoes are not “fussy” eaters and will feed on anything with blood. This means you, your family, your friends and your pets.

#10) You can kill and prevent Asian tigers in your backyard by using Mosquito Squad of the North Shore.

Mosquito Squad of the North Shore can kill and prevent mosquitoes, including the Asian tiger mosquito in and on your property all season long. Our safe and effective barrier treatment will kill what mosquitoes (and ticks) are present and prevent resurgence for 21 days.

Our natural treatment is just as effective and has a residual of  14 days.  Getting started is easy and worry free. Our rotation program ensures mosquito control all summer long. Contact Mosquito Squad of the North Shore today to get started and be on your way to a  relaxing and safe mosquito free season.