Our Misting Systems Offers Permanent North Shore Mosquito Control

Engulfing your yard in citronella tiki torches will not keep the mosquitoes away. We know, because we tried it ourselves long ago and were sadly disappointed with the results. Being outdoors, especially in your yard, whether for grilling, entertaining, or just relaxing with the dogs and kids, is an important extension of your home. Yet how many times do you go on your deck or patio, or simply out to the playset, only to be chased back indoors by swarms of mosquitoes? There was a time when permanent misting systems were the reserved privilege of the very wealthy– for their racehorses, to be precise. Today, that luxury is not out of range for more and more people in the Topsfield MA region. Mosquito Squad’s misting system offers a more permanent solution to North Shore mosquito control than simply dousing yourself in bug repellent, waiting on the city mosquito truck to randomly pass by, or igniting a platoon of candles whenever you wish to be out-of-doors.

On Demand Barrier Treatment

We’ve talked many times about the advantages of using a barrier treatment to effectively treat your landscape for mosquitoes and ticks. Our seasonal barrier treatment eliminates 85% – 90% of mosquitoes and adult tick and other pests like spiders, flies, and no-see-ums. We service your yard every three weeks. Perhaps, though, you literally like to live in your yard as much as possible: you eat, relax, play, and entertain in your yard often: all season long. A permanent misting system is perhaps the smartest investment you should consider adding to your property.

How could a Mosquito Squad Misting System be a benefit for you?

  • dawn and dusk applications, when mosquitoes are most active
  • 30 minute drying time: EPA-registered safe for pets, kids, and adults
  • eliminates 90% – 95% of all mosquitoes and adult ticks
  • remote control allows for extra/fewer applications, when needed
  • leak guards protect against waste
  • wind gauge option ensures not in use when too windy to be effective
  • full-service: we maintain and winterize your system for you

The Mosquito Squad Misting System Advantage

Whether you are on a traditional ¼ acre lot or a more expansive piece of property, our misting systems can be used to treat your entire landscape, or a favorite outdoor space, like your deck or patio. Our trained service technicians install your system in a manner that makes it quickly disappear from view, while still effectively creating a barrier of protection between you and the mosquitoes and adult ticks. Not only does this make your yard a friendlier place for people and pets to inhabit, but it also makes your landscape much safer from harmful diseases that are carried by these tiny, parasite vectors. Diseases like West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis in mosquitoes and Lyme Disease and Babesiosis from ticks are more than mere nuisances. The most effective form of protection against these dangerous illnesses is preventing bites from infected mosquitoes and ticks. Our Mosquito Squad Misting System offers the very best in permanent North Shore mosquito control (and adult tick control)!

To learn more about our amazing misting systems, seasonal barrier sprays, or optimal tick tubes (to destroy nymph ticks before they emerge), contact Mosquito Squad of the North Shore.