Massachusetts Mosquito Control. There’s an App for That!

We use our phones for everything, don’t we? Well then, why not add mosquito control to that list? NASA has done just that! There is now an application for your smartphone to help you identify a type of mosquito as well as find out what diseases it may carry. It’s called The Mosquito Habitat Mapper. Users of the app will collect information about mosquitoes in their location. NASA will pair this information with the environment and conditions of these locations in the research of mosquito outbreaks. Who knew NASA wanted to put you and your phone to work?


International Science Center and Science Museum day is November 10th and the information collected by the Mosquito Habitat Mapper this summer will be used for a global experiment on that day. It will be quite interesting to see how they use the information they collect. This app is global. They are collecting info about mosquitoes from all over the world to link with satellite information about the locations they are found in. Imagine how this can help detect disease outbreaks across the globe. Imagine if it could help stopthem!

At Mosquito Squad of Central Massachusetts and Mosquito Squad of the North Shore, we urge you to put this app to work for us all right here at home. Download it to your phone and see what it does. It is said to be easily navigated, but it also provides training if needed. If we take just a little time to let NASA know what we know about mosquito activity in Massachusetts then they can use that information to help protect us from diseases. You’re looking at your phone anyway, right? Probably even right now!  Have other questions about what you can do to help fight against mosquito-borne illness? Follow our mosquito blog and give us a call. Let us be a part of your family’s plan when it comes to protection from ticks and mosquitoes. 

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