Labor Day May Be the End Summer. Unfortunately, It Is Not the End of Mosquitoes!

What do you associate with Labor Day? A day off from work? The end of summer? The last day that you are allowed to wear white? The start of football season?  Maybe you are planning to spend time in the yard with guests after the town parade in Westford, Lowell or Carlisle. Mosquito control should be foremost on your mind.  The tiny buzzing bloodsuckers can make everyone retreat indoors!

The unusually large amount of rain in Massachusetts this season has made for a rather hefty mosquito population.  Mosquitoes breed in water.  Some can breed in even the smallest amounts of collected water like in a bottle cap!  It is important to eliminate standing water around your home to limit places where mosquitoes can multiply.  Common places that collect water are sand boxes, tarps, plant saucers and children’s toys.  Ensure that you tip over these items regularly.  Clogged gutters can also be a popular place for mosquitoes to breed.  Keep your gutters cleaned out regularly to prevent leaves and debris from collecting.

While doing your part helps, the ultimate mosquito control cannot be achieved in your yard without calling a mosquito control professional. Mosquito Squad of North Shore has a proprietary formula mosquito and tick yard treatment that will eliminate 90% of mosquitoes and ticks from your yard.  Our service allows you to take your yard back from the tiny pests.  You will spend countless hours in your yard without a single itchy mosquito bite!

Labor Day weekend is a time to spend in your yard enjoying the weather! We are offering special end-of-season pricing!  Three sprays for $297 with up to an acre of land.  That is $99 per treatment every three weeks.