If You Miss This Item on Your Party Prep List, It Will Bite You in the Butt!

Propane tank filled? Check. Lawn mowed? Check. Extra condiments purchased? Check. Weights to hold down the plastic tablecloth? Yes, even that. Mosquito control? Uh oh.

If there’s one thing that can ruin even the best backyard party, it’s mosquitoes. You can have the best food, the ultimate decorations, the perfect guest list, and the worst time if you don’t take care of mosquito control. Your guests that you hoped would linger enjoying stories and laughter after the kids went to bed might end up high tailing it to their car right after dusk if they start getting eaten alive.

Every yard has mosquitoes. And, the mosquitoes seem to love having their munch fest at the same time we’re grilling up our burgers – dusk. Why? Mosquitoes have a little Dracula in them. They don’t like sunlight because of the heat it puts off. Mosquitoes like cool, moist, dimly lit areas. Mosquitoes aren’t strong fliers and at dusk, winds tend to be calmer¬†allowing them to do a better job sniffing out their blood meal targets and do a better job getting to their target. The conditions at dusk are perfect to start our backyard party and unfortunately also perfect for mosquitoes to start their backyard BBQ.

If you’ve thrown outdoor parties, you’ve undoubtedly thought about trying to control mosquitoes. You might have added tiki torches, citronella candles, or some other possible deterrent. If you’ve tried any of these, you’ll know that they just don’t do the job. You might remember a time that you brought the citronella candles close and closer to you hoping to create a shield around you even if the rest of the yard was still infested only to still become the meal.

With Mosquito Squad, you can create that invisible shield around your entire yard! Mosquito Squad’s mosquito control is a barrier or perimeter system that protects your entire yard. Mosquito Squad treats your yard by misting your yard’s perimeter to keep mosquitoes out of your entire yard. The effective treatment not only eliminates adult mosquitoes on contact but it also keeps working – for weeks! Mosquito Squad customers sign up for proactive protection throughout the season. Our trained and licensed applicators come out every 21 days to keep your yard protected. You don’t have to call to schedule. You don’t need to do a thing except for sign up.

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