Don't Kill the Messenger, Deer!

You know the popular phrase don’t kill the messenger? Well, in parts of Massachusetts, that’s exactly what some residents are considering. Lyme Disease seems to be running rampant and the deer tick is the carrier. We all know the deer population is increasing due to a number of factors and they are bringing disease-carrying ticks with them. Some people are considering a deer hunt but that is really not the solution.

So what can you do? The best approach is a combination approach that includes awareness, education and prevention. First, be aware of deer in and around your yard. Keep an eye on whether the prevalence of deer seems to be increasing in your yard or right around your home.

Then, take some time to learn about how ticks find you, how the select a site on your body and what you can do to prevent the ticks from finding a meal site on your body.

But most importantly, have the perimeter of your yard misted for mosquitoes and ticks. Mosquito Squad of the North Shore has a couple of products to fight ticks. The first product is called a barrier treatment. We mist the barrier of your yard as well as other areas within your yard and this eliminates 80-90% or more of the ticks in your yard. We mist every 3 weeks to make sure your tick elimination efforts remain just as strong throughout the warm months.

Another prevention we use is a tick tube. Before ticks create a home on deer, they feed on small rodents such as mice which is where the tick actually acquires the disease. So, again, with the idea of killing the ticks at the earliest part in the food chain, tick tubes are a very strong tool in that fight. Read our next post for more information about tick tubes and how they work.