Mosquito Squad of the North Shore Gives Back

Mosquito Squad of the North Shore does more than just protect you and your family from the annoyance of mosquitoes and ticks and the serious diseases they can carry.  We also

give back to the communities we live and work in and can do so because of your support in growing our business. This week gave us the opportunity to talk about that support and our efforts in helping to save lives as well as helping our environment and our community.

Thursday was World Malaria Day, a day set aside to reflect on the enormous global efforts taking place to rid the world of this deadly disease. Malaria has become a forgotten problem here in America since it was eradicated in 1951.  However, 104 other countries and 3.3 million people are still at risk for contracting this deadly disease. Africa is most affected by Malaria which account for 90% of all deaths – most of them in children younger than five years of age.

That can all be changed and Mosquito Squad of the North Shore is doing its part by participating in the Malaria No More  campaign to end this deadly disease.  To help achieve the goal of ending malaria deaths in Africa, we donate $10 to the MNM campaign for every barrier treatment program we sell here on the North Shore.  $10 is all it takes to supply one long-lasting insecticide treated bed net that creates a protective barrier against mosquitoes at night, which is when the vast majority of transmissions occur.  Often times the bed nets are large enough to accommodate more than one person, especially children. A treated net dramatically minimizes mosquito activity throughout the room where it is being used, providing a veil of protection for those within the room as well.

In addition to our ongoing efforts with the Malaria No More campaign, we celebrated Arbor Day by planting two trees in our community.  Trees not only help cleanse the environment but also provide homes for animals and beautify our communities.   We have partnered with Eastgate Garden Design, an outstanding landscape design firm, to plant a tree at both Steward Elementary and Proctor Elementary Schools in Topsfield MA.  The trees represent to us the growth we have been able to achieve because of your support.  It also allows us to give back to our community and enhance the lives of our children here in Topsfield.

Mosquito Squad of the North Shore is a company that cares about our community.  We not only want to protect our neighbors and friends from mosquitoes and ticks but also want to give back to the places we call home.   If you’re interested in learning more about controlling mosquitoes at your home and making an impact on mosquito-borne illness abroad, contact us today.  You could be helping save a life just by protecting your own.

To learn more about controlling mosquitoes at home and making an impact on mosquito-borne illness abroad, contact us today.