Mosquito Control in Central Mass Has Improved Dramatically

Author: Mosquito Squad of North Shore

As you know, mosquito protection is not simple or easy. In days of old, a few Citronella candles and a bottle of stinky spray were the norm. We all accepted the fact that this strategy would provide minimal protection at best. Whatever you do, don’t take 5 steps from your citronella candle or smoking bug coil. In some places many people still accept this as reality even though you can now have nearly complete relief from mosquitoes on your property.

Luckily, here in Massachusetts, we’ve all gotten much better at mosquito control. The state provides a long list of services with the Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project (CMMCP). With the help services like this we can all work together to lower the Mosquito population which lowers the spread of diseases like West Nile virus.


The mosquito services provided by the state take a multi-faceted approach. Starting with the reduction of breeding grounds, the state’s goal is to remove or reduce the habitat that mosquitoes need for breeding and larval growth. With recycling and waste disposal we can minimize the number of items that will collect and hold water. If these items are left to hold water, they create a mosquito farm in our yards.


In this drop of water on a leaf, you can see mosquito larvae – they need just a drop of water to breed.

Inevitably there are places that are going to be wet such as streams, ponds and ditches. By facing this reality the state takes another approach called larviciding. Wetlands and other mosquito breeding grounds are monitored from March through September to determine the need for (and applied when necessary) environmentally sensitive products that will control or eliminate the larval mosquito. By reducing mosquitoes in their larval stage, the state greatly reduces the need for adult mosquito spraying.


Mosquito services from the state of Massachusetts also include a comprehensive public education program. The program teaches school-aged children about the biology of mosquitoes, provides the community with information on CMMCP programs and offers advice on reducing mosquito populations on their own property. Public knowledge is an important ingredient in the fight against mosquitoes.


You probably knew the state provides mosquito spray when the population of mosquitoes reaches “intolerable levels”. While this is still the case, the CMMCP is working toward lowering the need for it by focusing on prevention, public education and larviciding. CMMCP provides multiple other services for the reduction of mosquitoes in Massachusetts, check out their services page for more information.


While the CMMCP is great and does scratch the surface, you need mosquito protection services for your own property. Do you really want to wait for the mosquitoes to reach “intolerable levels” (according to who) before you do something? Mosquito Squad of Central, MA provides mosquito barrier spray that eliminates ticks and mosquitoes for up to three weeks. Sign up for the season and we’ll automatically come back every three weeks when it’s time to re-spray, you don’t have to do a thing. Then you will be able to walk not only 5 feet from your back door, but around your entire property with upwards of 90% of the mosquitoes eliminated. No cans, no coils, no candles.

Our traditional barrier spray, combined with the services that local government provides are both a very necessary part of controlling mosquitoes on your Central Mass property.