Mosquito Control Tips: Organic Landscaping Materials May Bring More Than Just Beauty To Your Yard

Author: Mosquito Squad of North Shore

My friend Nicole believes that she contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from spreading fresh mulch in her yard. She was under the impression that since it was organic, and because it came in a bag that somehow it would be free of ticks. She could not have been more wrong.  Ticks love dark and moist places.  A pile of mulch is a perfect oasis for a tick.

Bark mulch and pine needles are often used in yards for cover and landscaping.  Although these landscaping materials can beautify your yard, they can also bring in unwanted pests.  Untreated, natural materials can serve as hiding places for mosquitoes and ticks.  They can be transported into your yard inside of mulch, pine needles and other organic landscaping materials. Perhaps, you have wondered why mosquitoes are so hard to control in your Middlesex County yard?

Mosquitoes look for cool, moist places to hide until dusk.  This is when they come out from cover looking for a blood meal.  Your local garden center has the perfect environment and hiding places for mosquitoes.  You can unknowingly transport mosquitoes right into your yard via a load of organic landscaping materials.

For this reason, you should always wear long, light-colored clothing when working in the yard.  This will make it easier to see a tiny tick on your clothing.  When you return indoors, the clothing should be placed in the dryer on high heat to kill any ticks.  You should immediately take a shower to wash off any ticks that may be on your skin and hair before they can attach themselves.

Most importantly, eliminate mosquitoes and ticks from your yard by calling a licensed mosquito control professional.  Mosquito Squad of Chelmsford’s barrier spray treatment eliminates up to 90% of the mosquitoes and ticks on a property.  In addition, be sure to bring in your natural landscaping materials prior to having your yard treated or right before your regularly scheduled treatment.