Having a Mosquito-And-Tick Free Graduation Party

Author: Mosquito Squad of North Shore

The day is upon you.  Your baby is suddenly ready to leave the nest.  The days of checking homework, packing lunches, and after-school activities are no more.  Your hard work as a parent has paid off.  Your baby is going to be a graduate!  The guest list has been made and you are working hard on all of the details involved for a successful back yard graduation party!

The most fantastic graduation party can be completely ruined by mosquitoes-and-ticks.  Although mosquitoes make their presence known, ticks are also lurking in your yard.  Both mosquitoes-and-ticks are not only pests, but potentially carry diseases.  After all of the preparation for the perfect graduation party, the last thing you want is guests slapping and itching from mosquito bites.  Nor do you want bugs and mosquitoes swarming around the food.  Mosquito-and-tick control in your Massachusetts yard can be easier than you think.

Mosquitoes require only a small amount of water in which to breed.  The most important thing to do in order to prevent mosquitoes in your yard, is to tip over anything that may collect water.  These items could be anything from children’s toys to plant saucers.  Gutters should be cleaned out often and bird baths or dog bowls should be tossed and replenished once a week.

Ticks like moist and shady areas.  Brush and leaf litter are attractive places for ticks to thrive.  Keeping your yard area clean and trimmed is very important.  Check common hiding places for ticks, including the base of brick walls and fences.  Most importantly, call a licensed mosquito-and-tick control expert.

Mosquito Squad of Chelmsford is dedicated to making your yard mosquito-and-tick free.  We offer mosquito-and-tick control to Chelmsford, Lowell, Billerica, Tewksbury and many other areas within Middlesex and Worcester counties.  Our barrier spray and tick abatement programs are second to none.  We offer mosquito-and-tick control services for many events including weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, barbeques and more.