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Teen in Massachusetts Finds Killing Ticks in the Dryer Is No Sweat!

Author: Mosquito Squad of North Shore

Massachusetts high school student, Jacqueline Flynn decided to research killing ticks in the clothes dryer for her science fair experiment.  16 year old Jacqueline found that the Centers for Disease Control recommend drying tick laden clothing on high heat, for one hour in order to kill ticks.  She put small mesh bags of deer ticks in the dryer over and over again to study how long it would take them to die.  Her findings were quite different from the current CDC recommendations for Lyme Disease Prevention.  The CDC says to put clothing in the dryer, on high heat for one hour to kill ticks.  Jacqueline found that tick elimination occurred in as little as 5 minutes on low heat.  Now, the CDC is taking notice to the Massachusetts teen’s results on how to prevent tick bites.

The deer tick is very prevalent in Massachusetts and is one of the ticks responsible for the transmission of Lyme disease. Once a tick hatches, it will hitch a ride on a field mouse back to where the mouse lives. It will feed from the mouse and her young during the larval stage. The tick will then become a nymph. It will then find a secondary host to feed from such as a dog, a cat, or human that leads the tick nearer our homes. A tick in the nymph stage is the most dangerous and likely to transmit Lyme disease. These tiny ticks appear when many homeowners in Massachusetts are enjoying the outdoor weather. The ticks are hard to see because they are so very small.

Mosquito Squad of North Shore is dedicated to keeping our Worcester County and Middlesex County residents safe from the threat of tick-borne illness and disease. Education on the best ways to tick proof your property is the first line of defense in fighting Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses.  You should always keep your yard trimmed short and do not keep grass clippings in the yard.  Remove leaf and brush litter from your yard.  Check yourself, your family and pets for ticks when coming in from the outdoors.  Remove clothing that may have ticks and put the clothing in a dryer to kill ticks.  Most important, call a licensed tick control expert to tick proof your yard.

Mosquito Squad of North Shore has two tick control measures that eliminate ticks on your property. Our barrier spray kills ticks that are in the later nymph stage along with adult ticks. Tick tubes are used to kill the early staged ticks. The tubes are safe for mice, but lethal to ticks. Using the barrier spray in conjunction with tick tubes, are the best way to protect your family and pets from tick bites.