Don’t Let Uninvited “Pests” Come To Your Special Event

Author: Mosquito Squad of North Shore

It is finally your day! The weather is gorgeous, the tent is set up and the caterers are prepared with the food. Everything is perfect!  Your guests arrive on the lawn. You notice them swatting and slapping at the dreaded mosquitoes and bugs that threaten to ruin your event. People are itching and big welts are appearing on their skin. Soon everyone is wearing Deet as perfume. Nothing could be worse!

This nightmare can be easily avoided by following some mosquito control steps before your special event.  Tip or turn over plant saucers, bird baths or other objects that capture rain water. Toss out objects that collect water and cannot be tipped or turned over. Remove any tarps. Clean out gutters so standing water will not accumulate wet debris. Remove tires as these are a favorite breeding ground of the tree-hole mosquitoes that cause encephalitis. Lastly, call a mosquito control professional!

Whether you are having a wedding, graduation, anniversary, birthday party, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, confirmation or barbecue, your event can be mosquito-and-bug free.  Our professionals at Mosquito Squad of Chelmsford apply a mosquito control spray that eliminates mosquitoes that might otherwise bite guests or hover around food. The spray dries within 30 minutes, has no odor and no residue.

Contact Mosquito Squad of Chelmsford before your event for the ultimate mosquito control.