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How much do you know about the mosquitoes living in your backyard?

We get asked a lot of questions about mosquitoes. Their habitat, how long they live, where they live, etc. So we’re wondering how much you know about the mosquitoes living in your yard. Keep track of how many answers you knew right and let us know on Facebook!

What kind of weather do mosquitoes like?

Mosquitoes are cold-blooded and therefore the ideal temperature for them is 80F. However, mosquitoes can survive in weather that is 60F during the day.

How fast can mosquitoes fly?

Depending on the species, mosquitoes can fly at about 1 to 1.5 mph. With a limited flight range of about 300 ft.

What conditions do mosquitoes like?

Mosquitoes prefer stagnant water to breed. Most commonly they infest ponds, swamps or marshes but it can take just a small bottle cap of water for them to lay there eggs.

Where do mosquitoes live?

Mosquitoes live in areas with a lot of water nearby. They spend their days resting on the underside of leaves and tucked away in plants. They stay near water so they can lay their eggs.

What makes a mosquito attracted to humans?

Initially, they are attracted to the carbon dioxide you give off but when they get closer they are attracted to humans based off body heat, smell of skin and other pheromones.

Do mosquitoes have nests?

Mosquitoes do not have nests; they rest on the underside of leaves or in tree bark to escape punishing rain.

Do mosquitoes live in grass?

The only reason a mosquito could be found living in grass is if it is damp enough to be holding standing water for mosquitoes to breed.

How do you get rid of mosquitoes in your yard?

This is a tough question because you’ll never be able to full 100% rid your yard of mosquitoes. We suggest following and practicing our 7 T’s for mosquito control and when needed, call in the professionals.

At Mosquito Squad we provide several different services to match all of our customer’s mosquito control and tick control needs. No matter the service you choose, it all works the same way.
Our barrier treatment is the most popular mosquito control service and reduces the adult mosquito population up to 85-90%. On the day of your treatment, two of our licensed technicians will arrive on property with backpack blowers filled with a water-based product. We will treat your entire property from front to back targeting the foliage surrounding your property while focusing on outdoor living spaces such as fire pits, decks and patios.

The best part about our treatment is that it has a residual effect meaning your property will stay protected for up to 3 weeks! If you’re like most of our customers that get the seasonal package, we’ll come to your property every 3 weeks to ensure your summer is mosquito and tick free.

Call Mosquito Squad of North Central Minnesota at (218) 304-7704 to discuss your mosquito control and tick control needs for your Brainerd Lakes cabin or home.