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Eliminate Mosquitoes at your next Outdoor Special Event

As Minnesotans, we know how important it is to spend time outdoors. After being cooped up in our homes for the last 6 months the minute we see the sun shining, green grass and open water we head straight for the outdoors. And what better way to spend time outside than gathering your family and friends together. But after spring showers and the heat of the sun, we tend to get some uninvited guests to our gatherings as well; mosquitoes.

Tables are set, music is flowing through the air and the food and drinks are ready to be indulged, but wait, what is that buzzing around your head?! Ugh, sounds like a pesky mosquito trying to ruin your special event. With Mosquito Squad on your side, you never have to worry about that.

As the host, you should be free to enjoy the day or evening mingling with family and friends, not worrying whether everyone has enough bug repellent or keeping tiki torches lit to rid mosquitoes off your yard. That’s why Mosquito Squad should be an important piece of your special event planning. Whether you’re planning a 4th of July barbeque, family reunion or your dream wedding Mosquito Squad can and will protect your venue from mosquitoes.

We will eliminate and greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes at your special event with our Barrier Treatment. By targeting the surfaces that include shrubbery and foliage (avoiding flowers), around and underneath decks and patios, fences, tall grass and low hanging vegetation mosquitoes are killed on contact. Applied long before any food or dinnerware are set out, the application will completely dry within 30 minutes, leaving no odor or visible residue. We even come out a day early if that is what you so desire.

So let Mosquito Squad of North Central Minnesota protect you and your guests at your next special event and give us a call at  (218) 304-7704 to learn more or book your special event mist now!

Events we mist include Weddings, Graduations, Anniversaries, Birthday Parties, Barbecues, Dinner Parties and much more.