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About Mosquito Squad of North Central Florida

Start Enjoying Your Yard Again!

Mosquito Squad was founded in 2005 when outdoor lighting installers needed a way to fend off mosquitoes without covering themselves in DEET or lighting dozens of citronella candles. Using a precise and scientific approach to mosquito control, we created the Protective Barrier Treatment. Since then, we’ve applied the same treatment more than 2 million times in 300,000 yards.

How Our Protective Barrier Treatment Works

First, our licensed technicians will inspect your property to look for all the most likely places a mosquito will breed or feed. Our high level of training in mosquito behavior helps us identify where mosquito eggs are likely hiding, which is where we concentrate our treatment. Using an EPA-registered knock-down formula, we can kill 85-90% of mosquitoes through a precise application.

Second, we apply a barrier treatment to the entire property to keep new mosquitoes from replacing the ones we just killed. The barrier treatment is effective for up to 21 days, giving you weeks of mosquito-free outdoor fun. Once we’re done, you’ll just need to keep your children and pets indoors for 30 minutes. After that, our treatment is dry, and your kids can play outside without mosquito bites.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not satisfied with the results of your treatment, we’ll make it right at no cost to you. Just contact your local Mosquito Squad office (that’s us in Ocala, FL) within 21 days of your treatment, and we’ll re-treat at no additional charge. As a result, there’s zero risk calling us for a free estimate.

Additional Treatments from Mosquito Squad

While the Protective Barrier Treatment is our signature service, Mosquito Squad of North Central Florida also offers other treatments. In addition to mosquito control, our team also offers specialized tick control treatment, one-time special event sprays for outdoor events, automatic misting systems for 24-hour protection, and all-natural treatments that use essential oils.

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