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Do I Still Need to Spray for Ticks in CT?

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Do I Still Need to Spray for Ticks in CT?

Now that we have entered the fall season and will soon approach winter, there are many holiday festivities to look forward to! Although the cold can be brutal this time of year, now is the time when we can look forward to spending time with family and friends. When cold weather returns to our region, insects and other pests we often conflict with will vanish into their winter shelters or die off. As a resident of the Northeast, you probably have an idea of the pests we're talking about. Despite the severity of the cold winters here, the summer months are a paradise for numerous kinds of biting insects, including ticks and mosquitoes.

Keeping an eye out for these creatures is always a hassle, but mosquitoes are far more fragile than the terrestrial, blood-sucking tick. unlike mosquitoes, ticks can survive and continue to function until temperatures reach 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which is quite cold. Fortunately, we have reached that temperature threshold, so there is little worry about encountering a tick in your backyard or the woods. However, that doesn't mean ticks are gone for good. Ticks, and all their diseases, often vanish underground into the burrows of mice and other small animals. So how can you reach them? That is where we come in.

Tick control is available during the winter!

If ticks have vanished underground, they are not vulnerable to our typical tick control spray treatments. We have to resort to more innovative solutions. Fortunately, we have just the thing for subterranean tick control treatments. Tick tubes. Tick tubes consist of a cylinder that contains cotton balls that have been treated with tick control spray. This is where it gets interesting.

When mice and other small rodents create burrows where they can overwinter, they will gather anything they can find that will make their den more insulated during the winter. To a rodent, cotton balls are far better than anything they could find in the wild comma and are therefore a prime insulation resource. Mice are notorious as one of the few creatures that can carry Lyme disease and other pathogens in their blood. Within a mouse den, ticks can overwinter and also have a source of blood; the mice. However, when a mouse brings the treated cotton swabs into its den, doing so will cover its fur in our tick control treatment. that means game over for any ticks living within a mouse den. So, Long story short, tick control tubes are an effective way to take the fight to overwintering ticks.

Who to trust for tick control

at mosquito squad, we've worked for nearly twenty years to ensure our customers are defended against ticks and the various diseases they can carry. Our innovative treatment options mean that you can defend against ticks on your property both when ticks are active and not.

Ticks will return next season. With the help of tick control tubes and the expert services found at Mosquito Squad of New Haven and Fairfield County, you can put your tick worries aside. Give us a call at (203) 275-0078

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