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Selecting the Best Trumbull Tick Control for You

tick on grass

If you’ve ever had an encounter with a tick, you know why these tiny critters give people the heebie-jeebies. Ticks, in their most basic form, are essentially tiny crab-like arachnids that depend on blood to survive. Using their hook-like feet and a mouth that is specifically designed to wedge itself into your skin, ticks are creepy at best and downright dangerous at their worst. What makes them dangerous? Well, there are a few reasons, and each should be enough to seriously consider implementing tick control.

How can ticks damage your health?

To begin with, anything that penetrates your skin should be considered a threat. Your skin is the first defense against infection, including against Staph. and MRSA, which are bacteria that can cause life-threatening, antibiotic resistant infections. When a tick, which can embed itself in your skin for 3 to 10 days, attaches itself to you, it leaves a tiny, open wound that leaves you vulnerable to bacteria living on your skin that have patiently waited for an opportunity to attack.

The main issue that humans have with ticks are the diseases that ticks are known to carry. Ticks are parasitic hitchhikers that are more than happy to grab a ride on any animal larger than themselves, and such eating habits make ticks highly unsanitary creatures. Once they feed on an animal that carries an illness or dangerous bacteria, ticks have a chance of passing said disease onto its next host. Unfortunately for humans, we are susceptible to a few of these tick-borne bacteria, including Lyme disease, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Powassan, and others. Each of these ailments has unique symptoms, and all have the potential to cause life-altering health issues. Lyme disease, for example, is the most common of these diseases, and its flu-like symptoms mean that most cases go undetected or undiagnosed. Only one out of ten cases is correctly identified, and this error rate poses huge risks to those who go undiagnosed.

Why should you take Trumbull tick control seriously?

To give you a well-known example, Justin Bieber is someone who has dealt with this disease and suffered the consequences. In undiagnosed cases like his, those with untreated Lyme disease can experience joint pain, fevers, stiffness, and even depression that can last for months to years. Lyme disease behaves erratically; even after taking antibiotics, there have been many instances where bite victims experience symptoms long after they were cured. With such dramatic health effects in mind, it is important to take ticks seriously to protect yourself and your family from danger. At Mosquito Squad, we have the tools to help you keep ticks at bay.

We offer a few options for tick control on your property, the main two being our border protection sprays. They come in our original and naturalformulas, and each provides highly effective tick control measures by barricading your property against most ticks attempting to enter your yard. Our original formula lasts for three weeks, and our naturalformula lasts for around two, the latter providing a great alternative for our environmentally conscious clients. Our technicians are experts in their fields, and they will identify areas of your yard that are more likely to house ticks. They mist these areas accordingly to further enhance the pesticide barrier around your home. In addition, it only take 30 minutes for our barrier treatment to dry, after which you are free to enjoy your yard as normal!

If you are looking for the best Trumbull tick control, look no further than Mosquito Squad – we have the solutions you’re looking for. Give us a call at (203) 275-0078.