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Do Mosquitoes in Connecticut Carry Disease?

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Over the past few years, public awareness of diseases and viruses has reached unprecedented levels due to COVID-19. And, unfortunately, there are other threats to your health you need to be aware of. As global temperatures continue to climb, some of our worst enemies, like ticks and mosquitoes, are gaining new territory in the Northeast that used to be unattainable. Mild winters are permitting mosquito populations to grow more rapidly, and the diseases they carry are also becoming more prevalent. Mosquito-borne diseases in North America include Zika, West-Nile, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), and others that can potentially cause life-threatening complications. The expansion of these diseases throughout the Northeast is incredibly concerning, but how do they track mosquito-borne diseases, and how can you avoid catching one?

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Aside from tracking instances of mosquito-borne diseases in humans, we have other methods of collecting this kind of data. In Connecticut and many other states around the country, scientists collect mosquitoes from numerous areas and test mosquito samples for diseases. This method is so important because it not only allows us to understand what diseases are circulating, but also allows us to recognize when a new disease is introduced. Scientists take considerable time and care to examine how diseases might affect human & animal populations and create plans to mitigate exposure to such diseases. Sadly, most mosquito-borne diseases in North America have no vaccine and limited treatment options. West Nile virus & EEE, for example, can cause irreparable damage to your nervous system and can be fatal in some instances. Clearly, we are quite vulnerable to mosquito-borne diseases, which makes limiting contact with mosquitoes critically important. How is this possible, though?

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With the threat of mosquito-borne diseases lurking in your backyard, you have substantial motivation to seek out powerful mosquito control. Neither you nor your family should have to fear the outdoors due to mosquitoes, and there are great solutions available to you. At Mosquito Squad, we take great pride in our ability to defend your property against mosquitoes. Using a border protection mist, which comes in our original and all-natural formulas, we can create an invisible barrier around your yard that will result in up to a 90% reduction of the mosquito population on your property. In addition, we can target mosquito breeding grounds on your property, further securing your yard against these flying pests. We care about our community, and our Stratford mosquito control options will give you the peace of mind you need!

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