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Powassan Virus Has Claimed Another Victim

Everyone seems to be familiar with Lyme disease, but not many seem to know about another tick-borne illness, the Powassan virus. Recently, Powassan virus was deemed responsible for the death of a man in Saratoga, NY. In addition to his death, another has been hospitalized with the illness and a third person is suspected of being infected. The scariest part of the story is that there are numerous victims that are being treated for both Powassan virus and Lyme disease simultaneously. Stay proactive, stay vigilant and keep your yard free of ticks by calling the tick-control experts at Mosquito Squad of the New Hampshire Lakes Region.

Powassan virus is making a name for itself, in fact, it’s becoming quite infamous in the northeast at this very moment. This year is particularly bad for ticks. According to a recent article in the Daily Messenger, doctors “…report seeing more patients with tick bites, people are taking precautions, and those ill from bites are talking about it”. While Lyme disease is notorious for its debilitating impact on its victims, a newer tick-borne illness is rearing its ugly head. With an already confirmed death, Powassan virus is being catapulted into the spotlight now more than ever.

With the numerous tick-borne illnesses that are springing up, month after month, year after year, ensuring that you can control your own domain is a top priority for many New Hampshire residents. When it comes to professional-grade tick control, you can rely on Mosquito Squad of the New Hampshire Lakes Region to reduce the tick population within your yard by up to 90%. To have your property treated for ticks, simply give us a call today at (603) 301-4857. We look forward to hearing from you soon!