Spring Is on Its Way!

As mother nature has reminded us this week, spring is on its way.  With recent days temps topping in the mid 60’s here in Nashville, it serves to remind us that in the coming weeks, Spring will be here.  As the ground begins to thaw, the tulips will sprout and before you know it, you will be planning spring brunches and setting out eggs in the back yard for your little ones to find.  Be sure to plan for the uninvited guests, MOSQUITOES!  Most of us think that it is not until we are laying poolside that we need to worry, but in actuality mosquito season begins in early spring.  Once temps are warm enough, these pests will be out buzzing around your garden in search of nectar and other sugars which serve as a primary food sources for them.  Unfortunately for us, human blood contains many of the proteins that mosquitoes need for egg production, so they will be out and about in search of any source they can find, which includes you and your family. Get ahead of the game and get in touch with us here at Mosquito Squad, your premier mosquito control company here in Middle Tennessee, we will make sure you can focus on enjoying your outdoor spaces and not having to worry about mosquitoes! Call us today at to get on our spring schedule!