Are Mosquito Bites Worse Now Than They Were in the Past?

It’s not you. It’s likely the mosquito. Specifically, it’s probably the Asian Tiger mosquito.

Here are 4 things to look out for to identify if you might be getting bitten by an Asian Tiger Mosquito. Asian Tiger Mosquitoes are:

  • Faster – bite and then gone
  • More Aggressive
  • Bite during the day
  • When they bite, it feels worse

Generally, when a mosquito is biting you, you feel something. Often you will look down and see the mosquito and swat it off. Sometimes you just swat at the area only to look at your hand and have the evidence of what made you swat in the first place – a mosquito. Asian Tiger mosquitoes are super fast. You don’t feel them on your skin or know they are there until they are done biting.

While most mosquitoes bite in the early morning, late afternoon and evening hours, the Asian Tiger Mosquito bites all day long. It’s an aggressive biter, and once the Asian Tiger sets up its breeding habit in or around your yard, these biters will often send most people inside.

Most people say the bite of the Asian Tiger Mosquito feels worse than other mosquito bites.

What makes this situation worse is that these mosquitoes are disease carriers. They can carry the West Nile Virus and Encephalitis.

Prevention includes removing as much standing water in your yard as you can. Then, your best bet is a whole-yard treatment. But treatment is not only a pest to apply and re-apply, but often the chemicals are not good for your health.

The Mosquito Squad yard treatment works for a 3-wk period and protects you, your children, and your pets in your yard from up to 95% of the mosquitoes and ticks that may live in your yard.

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