Nolensville Tick & Mosquito Control Are More Important Than Ever

mosquito next to tick

When it comes Nolensville tick and mosquito control there are a few things we must consider.

Mosquitoes and ticks can range from necessary parts of our ecosystem and known annoyances, to disease spreading threats to our health. If you have spent any time at all outdoors this spring, you might have already encountered your personal quota of either of these pests. If you are fortunate, this means that any mosquito bites you received have simply itched for a day or two and gone away. If you have seen a tick, you’d be fortunate to have found it before it sinks its teeth into your skin. We must consider the harm that ticks and mosquitoes pose to our health, and that of our loved ones.

Nolensville mosquito control for protection against diseases you know and those you might not know.

By now, chances are that you’ve already heard of the mosquito killing diseases of West Nile, Zika, and Malaria. But now there is another horrifying reason why Nolensville mosquito control is of the utmost importance.

Throughout Nolensville and other parts of Tennessee and Kentucky, there are other mosquito carrying viruses impacting us. The latest one is LaCrosse Encephalitis.

While it affects adults, the largest threat is to children. It is being referred to as the number one pediatric “arbovirus” in the country. An arbovirus is one spread by some pests like ticks, sandflies, or in our case, mosquitoes.

With longer stretches of hotter weather in recent decades, the Nolensville mosquito control blood suckers are sticking around much longer.

The real problem is that the more mosquitoes we have in Nolensville, the more potential for large-scale outbreaks of this vector-born disease.

The effects of LaCrosse Encephalitis can be devastating to young children. It can seriously impair their mobility and motor skills, like speaking, and cause difficulty mastering childhood basics, like learning how to tie shoelaces.

Nolensville tick control is the same product, the same process as our mosquito control.

Ticks are also known disease spreaders; and they too, must be stopped. Imagine not ever being able to enjoy meat again. With a bite from The Lone Star tick, it could happen.

The resulting disease is known as Alpha-Gal Syndrome, an allergic reaction to mammal meats like pork, beef and lamb, which growing evidence shows can be triggered by a tick bite.

As reported recently by The New York Times, a newly diagnosed patient exclaimed, “It feels like you’re on fire, and then it feels like you slept with a cactus.” She continued, “The itching is unbearable.”

The patient’s first sign of symptoms was discovering after waking one morning that her “legs had turned beetroot red. Welts, some a foot wide, had appeared along her torso”.

With tick control from Nolensville mosquito control, you can put an end to tick dangers around your home.

Our Mosquito Squad solution is two-fold – our acclaimed Nolensville mosquito control barrier spray and tick tubes, placed along mice nesting areas throughout your property.

For comprehensive tick control in Nolensville, Mosquito Squad’s tick tube treatment involves strategically placing biodegradable tick tubes around your property to lure mice. Each tick tube is filled with insecticide-soaked cotton that the mice then collect and use for bedding. The reason we go after mice is simple: When ticks attach to mice, they will be taken to their nest and poisoned by the cotton.

Don’t let ticks and mosquitoes ruin a good time or your health! Get in touch with Mosquito Squad of Nashville for the most trusted Nolensville tick and mosquito control. Call 615-492-3662.