Natural Solution for Ticks – a Must See If You’re an Avid Fall Outdoorsman

We have a completely natural solution for tick control. Our solution is a cedar oil solution that is completely DEET-free and completely pesticide or chemical free.

Here’s how it works. At Mosquito Squad, we know the best way to protect you from mosquitoes and ticks is to protect your yard – where you spend the most time. We know how expensive and frankly toxic it can be to try to mist yourself, your loved ones and pets every time you go to spend time outside in your yard. That’s why we mist your yard in a similar manner to how you mist your home for termites.

With ticks and mosquitoes, they are seasonal pests – and they are more than pests. They are disease carriers. To use our yard-control tick solution, we mist your yard every 2-3 weeks. Of course, our product cannot eliminate all the ticks and mosquitoes in your yard, but it will eliminate most of them.

Give us a ring to find out more about our all-natural tick control mist for your yard. Tell us you read this article and we will give you a free 4 oz. Bottle to take with you on your outdoor events when you sign up for one of our yard protection services.