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Mosquito Squad of Mount Laurel – If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

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dread skeeterHave you ever heard the old saying “if you can’t beat them, join them”? That is exactly what I did when I was searching for a company here in Mount Laurel to treat my lawn and yard for ticks. I have a natural wetland in my backyard and this area is not only a nirvana for mosquitoes but also for ticks because of the long grass that are common in a wetland setting.

I know first hand about the dangers of ticks, and especially the tick-borne illness’ that can inflict us. I suffered from Rocky Mountain spotted Fever a few years ago and didn’t catch it on time and now suffer permanent ramifications from the illness. Then again last year I thought I had another tick bite. Initially my physician did not take me seriously about the possibility of having another tick-borne illness. When my doctor finally tested me I was diagnosed with Ehrlichiosis.  Ehrlichiosis ( pronounced err-lick-ee-o-sis) is a bacterial infection  found all over the U.S. that is spread by the lone star tick, deer tick and the dog tick.

When the second illness was confirmed I had already been on weekly injections for five and a half years for the rocky mountain spotted fever. The rocky mountain spotted fever had already progressed to chronic by the time it was caught. The ehrlichiosis was transitioning to chronic when it was diagnosed but was caught early enough to treat with antibiotics. The rocky mountain spotted fever, along with the weekly injections to keep the disease in check have made it difficult for me to live in the manner I always had. Five years ago I ran a triathlon and now I cannot even run. The disease has also caused inflammation of my large joints and without the injections there are some days I can’t even take my hands above my head. My life has changed dramatically from the active lifestyle I had previously before these tick-borne illness’ invaded my body and life.The long term prognosis is frustratingly unknown as well, with side effects such as lymphoma , memory loss and loss of energy.

After the diagnosis of both the rocky mountain spotted fever and the ehrlichiosis I searched in vain for a company to treat my lawn and yard area for ticks. After an exhaustive search, I decided to buy a company that could properly treat for ticks, so I started Mosquito Squad of Mount Laurel. I mist our garlic mist in my wetland and garden area  to help keep the ticks and the deer that carry the infected ticks at bay, I then mist the main property on a regular basis with our barrier treatment.

Mosquito Squad has made a huge difference for me. I am proud to own the Mosquito Squad of Mount Laurel. Now there is a reliable source for controlling ticks and mosquitoes in our New Jersey community. I know first hand the ill effects ticks can bring to our lives, therefore I am committed to helping all our customers stay tick free and educating them on the reality of ticks. Give us a call at (856) 300-6146 and we can discuss keeping your living areas safe and insect free this season.