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Make sure your Memorial Day is Memorable for All the Right Reasons With the Help of Mosquito Squad


dread skeeterAs we all know Memorial Day is just a few short weeks away. Memorial Day was originally referred to as “Decoration Day”, we celebrate it now as Memorial Day in remembrance for those who have perished in our nations service. Not only is this day a day to be humbled and proud to be an American, it has become a time to gather round the backyard with family and friends , play games, swap stories, laugh and have a barbecue.

Can you imagine having a Memorial Day that ends up being memorable to your guests for all the wrong reasons? It happens frequently without proper planning for that special day of outdoor fun. Sure, you have prepared a sumptuous feast of Filet Mignon on the grill, a huge salad with all the trimmings, homemade yeast rolls, and even prepared ice cubes for the lemonade filled with fresh fruit. Your new patio and deck are decorated with beautiful flowers and festive decorations for the occasions. You even went out and purchased that gas grill you’ve been yearning for in lieu of the event. Everything is perfect…. but is it?

You have invited almost all of your neighbors, family and friends to the event. Now everyone has arrived, and assembled in the backyard to begin the festivities. The children are playing volleyball, the adults are having a great time, and the grill is fired up. Then just as dusk arrives, you hear the first of many “SWATS” as your guests begin to get bitten by the mosquitoes that have arrived for their own “sumptuous feast”.

Your much-anticipated “get-together” has just became a “gone-together” because your guests have decided to leave for the other party in their neighborhood. Y’know the party your neighbor three doors down is having?  Same great food, same fun and games, the only difference is they contacted Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel  prior to their backyard event and their property is now mosquito free.

(You may be curious as to how I know they called Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel? Because I left the party as well and went to the party of the neighbor who was wise enough to call  Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel  ahead to schedule a treatment.)

couponDon’t let this happen to your Memorial Day festivities, keep your family and friends free of the worry and irritation of mosquitoes this Memorial Day. Leaving your property un-treated can put your guests at risk. Call today to schedule an appointment, call Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel at (856) 300-6146before 5/23 to have your property treated for Memorial Day.