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American flagIndependence day is quite possibly one of the best holidays of the year.  It is a time of emotion, pride and reflection. Everyone is feeling patriotic, there  are scores of things to do with parades and fireworks displays in every city and small town across the country. It is a wonderful time to spend cherished moments with family and friends and most importantly it marks the official beginning of summer for many of us. The warm temperatures that move from day well into the evening, make  the 4th of July holiday a perfect scenario for outdoor fun.

Many of you are already planning what you will be doing on that special day. Many will attend celebrations and some of us will be hosting celebrations in our own backyards. With that in mind, have you thought about the mosquitoes yet?

dread skeeterAlong with the guest lists, the food and the other goodies that entail hosting a backyard or outdoor event, mosquito control is often an overlooked item but one that is crucial to the comfort and enjoyment of you and your guests.

Mosquito Squad of Mt. Laurel has it covered. Our safe and effective barrier sprays will kill existing mosquitoes and prevent further emergence of them within your yard. Our hassle free rotation program lets you enjoy your summer without having to give mosquitoes a second thought. We even offer an naturalbarrier treatment reduces the mosquito population but not to the level of the Barrier Treatment.

By the way did I mention we offer tick control as well?

We are making appointments now on a first come, first serve basis for mosquito control treatments in time for the 4th of July. Don’t let mosquitoes rain on your 4th of July parade. Call us at (856) 300-6146!