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Drive Bugs Away From Your Backyard This Summer

Your backyard is an ideal space for your family to enjoy the outdoors. The only problem is that during the summer months, sometimes bugs and home mosquito control can become a problem. Do you know who can solve that issue with the best mosquito treatment? It’s Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit to the rescue. 

We provide mosquito barrier protection in a few different ways that will drive bugs away from your backyard spaces. That way your entire family can bask in the healthy environment around your home all summer long. Here’s how our highly skilled technicians can come out to your property for the best mosquito treatment by Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit. 

Why Summer Is Bug Season in Metro Detroit

Last year in Metro Detroit, the summer bug season was a bad one. This year promises to be a busy bug season too. Insects, like mosquitos and ticks, tend to breed during the heat and humidity of the spring and summer months. Sometimes the intense bug season even goes into the fall months, as late as October. 

The biggest danger is that mosquitos can spread Eastern equine encephalitis, which can be fatal to humans and animals. That’s why you must prevent the bug population from getting out of control right in your own backyard.

Why Consider Mosquito Barrier Protection

When looking at home mosquito control, the best mosquito treatment is recommended every 21 days. At Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit, we will analyze which areas of your yard need to be misted with our mosquito control blend that’s safe after 30 minutes of application for kids and pets to be around. 

If you decide that you want a more natural mosquito treatment, we can do that as well. It’s a blend of essential oils and botanicals to drive bugs away that needs to be done every 14 days. The natural mosquito treatment mist tends to break down a little faster than traditional mosquito barrier protection. Both methods are very effective at keeping insects away. 

With either one you choose, you can feel good knowing that your yard will be continually protected all season long with Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit’s exceptional Barrier Protection Treatment. 

Get your free quote by giving us a call at Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit at 844-630-1030 today.