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Keep Your Yard and Garden Safely Free of Mosquitos this Spring and Summer with the Support of Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit

The Detroit, MI area is well known for having some cold and windy winters. However, this area of Michigan is also known for having a very nice spring and summer season. Once the calendar turns to April, it tends to be consistently warm and bring rain that can keep your lawn and garden strong and healthy. Unfortunately, these conditions can also attract mosquitoes to your yard, which can bring both annoyances and health risks. To ensure that your lawn and garden are properly protected and that you can effectively get rid of mosquitos, contacting the Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit for your mosquito control needs is a great option.

Professionals Avoid Spraying Plants and Garden

One of the reasons that you should call the team with Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit is that they take a customized approach to each yard they service. This includes carefully looking at plants and gardens while they avoid misting in these locations. While the mist is safe, they will always do their best to avoid misting and walking through areas that are not directly affected by the infestation.


Another reason you should call the professionals with Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit is that they use an naturalapproach to get rid of mosquitos. One of the reasons people will be hesitant to call a mosquito misting service is that they are concerned about chemicals that can be in the mist. However, at Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit, they will always use an naturalmist that is safe for your lawn, pets, and people of all ages. This can help effectively get rid of mosquitos while keeping everyone else safe.

The Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit will also focus on helping you prevent future infestations. This process can include offering consultation and guidance on what is causing mosquitos to be attracted to your yard and what can be done to prevent an infestation from happening again. This can include moving certain plants that may attract mosquitos, improving drainage to prevent standing water in your yard, and other tips based on your personal situation.

If you are struggling with an infestation of mosquitoes in your yard, you should speak with the team at Mosquito Squad of Metro Detroit by calling 844-630-1030 today. When you do call the team here, you can have all of your questions answered and schedule a consultation for your home. This can be a great first step in getting rid of your mosquito infestation while also ensuring your yard and garden will remain strong and healthy.