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What’s the Best Way to Control Mosquitoes in the Lowcountry?

At Mosquito Squad of the Lowcountry, our mosquito barrier treatment is the most effective way to keep your yard mosquito free. Our Traditional formula successfully eliminates 85-90% while our Natural formula does a great job of repelling up to 60% of mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. But when should you begin treatment?

Mosquitoes Multiply… FAST!

We suggest that you begin mosquito treatment at the very beginning of the season, just as spring begins in March or April. The reason for starting early is simple math. Eliminating 90% of a few mosquitoes in your yard at the beginning of the season and controlling them from coming back is easier than eliminating 90% of a yard full of mosquitoes, right?

Here in the Lowcountry, we seem to always have prime conditions for breeding mosquitoes! We are known for high temperatures and high humidity! And whether it is from a high tide that left areas of flooding to afternoon rains, there is plenty of standing water for females to lay eggs in. But how many eggs can they possibly lay? Would you have thought 300? And out of each of those 300 eggs about 150 will be females that will lay another 300 eggs. As this cycle goes on one female mosquito can quite literally turn into a billion in a month’s time.

Again, this simple math makes it easy to see why starting earlier is easier to control the pest population versus starting the up-hill battle if we wait til mid-mosquito season.
So why not start early?

Evaluate your property and follow the T’s of Mosquito Control, removing the spots that create the best breeding grounds.

Call us to schedule your barrier treatments for the entire season for maximum cumulative results. Not only will the early treatment eliminate the few mosquitoes that might already exist it will continue to work for 2-3 weeks as others may hatch. Beginning your treatment now and keeping it up all season long will allow you to enjoy your yard and ease the stress of worrying about the diseases mosquitoes can carry. Waiting until they have become a nuisance makes for a lot more work in taking your outdoor living space back.
Why wait?

Call Mosquito Squad of the Lowcountry today and schedule your first mosquito control treatment.