Why is Our Intensive Tick Treatment So Effective For Long Term Louisville Tick Control?

Tick control may not be simply a seasonal thing. In fact, due to the life cycle of a tick and how that contributes to the passing on of illness, it is anything but. This is what makes our Intensive Tick Treatment the most effective way to control ticks. Let’s start with an explanation of the life cycle itself.

A Tick Is Hatched

There are four stages in a tick’s life: egg, larva, nymph, and adult. Once hatched into the larval stage the tick requires a blood meal to advance to each consecutive stage. The larvae ticks will most likely find their meal from a bird or a rodent. This is where they become infected with the pathogens that create a tick-borne illness. Once the larva tick has taken this blood meal, it will drop from the host and prepare for its next life cycle: the nymph. Nymphs as well are going to be looking for their blood meal. They are less likely to search for the smaller animals and will search to latch on to larger size hosts such as dogs, deer, or humans. If infected they will pass any disease they may carry onto this host. Another blood meal will push them into adulthood and then yet another for the females and the egg laying process. At any of these stages, they can transfer disease. They lay their eggs, and the process begins again.

Reproductive Hosts vs. Reservoir Hosts

reproductive host gives a tick just what it needs in a blood meal to provide nourishment for egg production without any pathogens that create disease. This generally happens in the later life stages. An adult tick cannot feed on the smaller rodents that carry disease so often deer become their reproductive host, providing enough protein to lay 1,500-2,000 eggs. A reservoir host will give nourishment so that the tick can molt into its next life phase, but will ALSO pass on the disease forming pathogens. It is the rodents and birds that larvae tick feed on that are labeled the reservoir hosts. So it is clear that mice and rodents can play a significant part in spreading of tick-borne illnesses, while deer are simply a food source.

How Does Intensive Tick Treatment Work?

We use our best selling barrier treatment tick mist to eliminate ticks on contact. We take the time to especially mist areas where ticks congregate, retaining walls, tall grass and in the underbrush. With the addition of tick tubes for long-term control, the treatment is unsurpassed. Tick tubes are tubes made of biodegradable material, place strategically around your yard. They are filled with a cotton type substance that mice will seek out and use for bedding in their homes. This cotton material is treated with an insecticide that kills ticks but does not harm the mice.

Let’s Tie All This Together, Shall We?

As you’ve read the above information about the lifecycle you see that at the beginning stage of their lives, larvae ticks will most likely receive the pathogens that create disease. They are most likely to get these from mice. The Intensive Tick Treatment, without hurting the mice, distributes an insecticide to the ticks that will kill them at this early stage. The halt of the lifecycle leaves for fewer tick eggs to hatch the following year, and so on and so on.

Louisville Intensive Tick Treatment Are The Best for Long Term Tick Protection

There are different types of ticks and various tick-borne diseases all over this country. Kentucky ticks include: The American Dog Tick – carries Tularemia and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. The Lone Star Tick – carries Tularemia, Ehrlichiosis, and Stari. The Blacklegged Tick (deer tick) – carries Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, and Powassan virus. However wouldn’t you really rather not think of them at all? Ticks are gross, and the diseases they carry are dangerous. That is why at Mosquito Squad of Louisville we suggest not only our barrier treatment that kills 85-90% of ticks in your yard on contact but our full Intensive Tick Treatment system which continues to halt the life cycle of the tick and keeps them from coming back. This leaves room in your mind for the other “less pesky” matters in life! Call us today!