Louisville Tick Safety Goes Hand in Hand with Lyme Disease Prevention

Mosquito Squad of Louisville knows that not all of our clients and readers will take advantage of our backyard tick control services. Even those clients who enjoy a tick-free outdoor lifestyle at home will eventually venture out to untreated areas while camping, hiking, visiting friends, and to enjoy the gorgeous Louisville parks. To this end, we want you to be safe on all of your amazing outdoor adventures. Please read the tick safety guidelines below before your next adventure:

Protect Yourself from Ticks

  • Tuck your pants into your socks. (Ticks start low and crawl up, tucking your pants into your socks keeps them on the outside of your clothing)
  • Use a mist containing permethrin on exposed skin. You can also treat your clothing with it to repel ticks and avoid bringing them into the house on clothing.

After Your Adventures

Upon returning from a hike or camping where your tick exposure was maximized, remove your clothing immediately. Place your clothing in the dryer on high for 30 minutes or more to eliminate ticks that may be attached. Then wash them or throw them in the hamper. (Surprisingly tick can survive the washing machine.) Make sure you shower as soon as you can, washing over your entire body with your hands to knock off any ticks that haven’t embedded themselves yet. Take a second look if you feel any new small bumps and conduct a thorough tick check from head to toe.

Daily Tick Checks

When spending time outdoors, you should always perform a daily tick check.

  1. Start at your feet, where the ticks start.
  2. Look between toes, up against hair follicles and pay close attention to crevices and dark places such as behind the knee.
  3. Move your way up, paying close attention to the groin area. Ticks love dark, moist places and can find all of the best places to hide.
  4. Carefully examine your torso, chest, and arms. Ticks are great at hiding in belly buttons, under breasts, and in armpits.
  5. Check your neck, ears, behind ears, and scalp. Employ a buddy to scan over your back and spend a few extra minutes on your scalp if you have especially long or thick hair for them to hide in.

If you find a tick, follow our instruction on safe tick removal. Be sure to save your tick in a dated air tight baggy or container for 30-60 days. If you become ill, testing the tick could be the quickest diagnostic tool.

Remember, Lyme disease is not an immediate transmission. So daily tick checks and removals are a vital form of Lyme disease prevention. If you want to avoid this hassle after days spent outdoors in your own yard, call the best Louisville tick control service available. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you have nothing to lose – except the ticks! 502-315-9097

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