Louisville Tick Control is the Best Method for Preventing Dangerous Tick Bites and Tick-Borne Disease

Ticks are a growing problem in Louisville. The warming climate has allowed the three types of ticks that call Louisville home to thrive and flourish and multiply at rapid rates. These ticks carry a variety of dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease, Tularemia, Rock Mountain Spotted Fever, STARI, Ehrlichiosis, and others. While some of the tick-borne diseases are more dangerous than others, all of them can cause illness.

Bad Idea: Tick Collars for Humans. Good Idea: Tick Control Treatment for Your Yard

Preventing tick bites is the single most effective way to lower your risks for dangerous tick-borne diseases. While your dog has topical tick prevention and a tick collar, you can’t exactly use these methods on yourself and your kids. You could stay inside from April through September, but even then, depending on the year, you may still encounter a tick. Let your kids enjoy the great outdoors without the worry, with tick control by Mosquito Squad.

The simplest and most effective way to prevent tick bites is with tick control treatment for your yard. It will provide a lifestyle of carefree outdoor adventure, allowing you to let your kids stay out until the street lights come on. Tick control in Louisville will help you avoid those disgusting encounters with ticks on your pets or children, digging out the pointy tweezers and having to pull out that hideous little monster while your child squirms and cries. Tick treatment for your property will allow you to spend more time outdoors without special clothing, preparation, or stinky mist.

Would 85-90% fewer ticks on your property give you peace of mind? Call Mosquito Squad of Louisville today to get a free quote for season-long tick control on your property.