Could 2019 Become the Year of the Tick in Louisville?

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Prepare Now with Louisville Tick Control for the Spring Tick Explosion

What do you get when you combine a mild winter with record-setting rain? Ticksplosion. Tickpocalypse. Tickmageddon. Louisville is expecting an increase in our tick population this year, along with much of the Mid-Atlantic region and northeast coast.

Grandiose descriptions for an expected busy tick season are becoming common place in the northeast New England states, but not in the Mid-Atlantic or in Louisville. Why are Louisville tick populations expected to explode this year?

Rutgers entomology professor, Dina M. Fonseca reminds us that ticks are sensitive to dry weather. “It kills them.” She goes on to say, “we have been experiencing exceptionally wet seasons. It slows down their decline in number. So, we could end up with a very large [tick] population this year.”

While the prediction for a tick surge in the above reference story was about the Mid-Atlantic region, we can apply the same logic to Louisville.

2018 was the wettest year on record in Louisville

According to the Courier-Journal, in 2018 we surpassed 2011’s record-setting precipitation of 68.02 inches with 68.05 inches. On February 15th, 2019 the Courier also reported that as of that date, 75% of 2019 had been rainy in Louisville.

Since February we’ve experienced some pretty unusually warm and wet weather, all adding up to what is likely to be an extraordinary tick and mosquito season. Mosquitoes love warm and wet weather too.

With some quick math from the weather report, as of April 19th, 2019 we were at 3.7” above normal for YTD precipitation. We have had 18.5” vs the average YTD precipitation of 14.8.”

We urge our Louisville neighbors to prepare now to protect your family and pets from annoying and dangerous tick and mosquito bites by enrolling in our seasonal outdoor pest protection. Follow the Cs of tick control and read our blog for the latest tips and tricks for reducing mosquitoes at your home.

Louisville Tick Control Services

Our mosquito barrier treatment eliminates 85-90% of mosquitoes and adult ticks on your property. If you have additional tick concerns, we also can add our intensive tick treatment to your program for even further tick protection all season long.

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