What’s Wiggling in My Watering Can? Louisville Mosquitoes Thrive in Your Backyard Containers

Where do you think mosquitoes multiply and grow quicker? Your backyard kiddie pool with a little bit of water left in it or ponds and lakes?

The correct answer is your backyard. You’ve heard us urge you to follow the 5 Ts of Mosquito Control to eliminate water as a source of life for new mosquitoes, but have you ever looked into a container with standing water in it?

As you see in the video above, mosquitoes thrive in these environments without fish, frogs or as many birds to devour them.

Water and The Mosquito Life-Cycle

Adult females lay their eggs on the surface of the water. Those hatch into larvae which you see in the video. The larvae are known as wrigglers because they stay at the surface to breathe but duck down under when perceived danger approaches, before popping back up with a wiggle. Next, they transform into pupae, who also live on the surface of the water, but actively move below the surface if they are disturbed. Pupae develop into adult mosquitoes that emerge onto the surface of the water.

Next time you are outside, following the 5 Ts of mosquito control, take a peek in your buckets, saucers, puddles, and containers before dumping the water. Once you see how many mosquito eggs, larvae, and pupae can grow in a small amount of water, you’ll never skip another post-rain yard check again.

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