The Mosquito Squad Difference: Louisville's Best Mosquito Control

At Mosquito Squad of Louisville, we know that there are other companies that you could choose to rid your home of mosquitoes and ticks but we believe that we truly are the standard for exceptional pest control service and our customers choose us over and over because we prove this on a daily basis. There are five attributes to our company that makes us a leader in home pest control.

  • Passion – It is our passion to protect your home and outdoor living spaces from ticks and mosquitoes. We care about our clients and their families and have a passion for providing the best products.
  • Service – From the person that answers that first phone call to the technician that applies your barrier treatment, we put all our efforts into providing excellent customer service. You will receive an email to confirm 24 hours before your scheduled treatment as well as immediate confirmation once the service is complete. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with each service.
  • Responsiveness – Not only do we take care of you with our fantastic service, but offer the best customer support in the industry. Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer your toughest questions and concerns.
  • Education – We want to keep you educated on any and all new information there is out there about tick and mosquito-borne illnesses, new treatments and vaccines, or anything else concerning these pests that can affect your family. If you follow our blog posts, you can see that we continue to follow and update changing information.
  • Giving – Finally, Mosquito gives a portion of its sales to an organization called Malaria No More. As mosquitoes are the #1 animal threat to humans globally, we feel that it is important for us to join in this fight.

What Makes Mosquito Squad’s Barrier Treatment a Cut Above the Rest?

As our most popular service, the barrier treatment is composed of a compound similar to that found in most flea and tick collars. Our barrier treatment is also EPA registered on state and federal levels. Your children and pets can be back out and be enjoying the yard just 30 minutes after any application. Our trained technicians also have your flowers, plants, and the bees that pollinate them in mind when misting. They do not treatment into open blooms and avoid bees flying around them. When allowed to dry, our time-released barrier treatment continues to work for up to 3 weeks. Mosquitoes feed on plant juices so the residual left there will continue to kill them.

Since our treatment was invented in 2005 we have misted literally millions of treatments and we stand behind these services with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Check out our FAQ page for answers to even more questions about Mosquito Squad and the excellent services we provide. At Mosquito Squad of Louisville, we are proud of our products, our services, and the protection that our company provides. Call us today and let’s schedule your first treatment. You won’t be disappointed! Let us help you take back control of your yard from ticks and mosquitoes.