Mosquitoes in March? A Warm Louisville Winter Could Have You Doing a Double-Take

Did you think you saw a mosquito when you were out for a hike or run last week? Maybe you found an itchy mosquito bite later, but told yourself “it couldn’t be.” Unfortunately, you were not seeing things. It absolutely could have been a mosquito bite in early March. A mild winter can extend the mosquito season making Louisville mosquito control more important than ever.

Why are Mosquitoes Out So Early?

  1. Mosquitoes can survive a mild winter hiding in warm moist places like sewers and drains; emerging on the mildest February and March days.
  2. Mosquitoes can begin breeding after only ten days of temperatures reaching over 45 degrees.

So you may have indeed received mosquito bites as early as February when the winter survivors emerged on those couple of shockingly warm days, and it could be anytime now that the populations begin to multiply for the season.

Mosquitoes are not only annoying and itchy; they carry dangerous diseases such as West Nile Virus and Zika Virus. According to the Courier-Journal, it is not out of the question that with warming trends we could begin to see outbreaks of more tropical mosquito-borne diseases moving north as well.

Ticks are Out Early This Year

Not only are mosquitoes emerging early this year, so are ticks. Deer tick populations are increasing annually. Thanks to climate change ticks are also spreading further from their most concentrated populations in the Midwestern United States and the Northeastern United States.

Lyme Disease in Louisville

While many Louisville residents may think we are not in danger of contracting the potentially life-altering Lyme Disease, it is quite possible and becomes more likely with each passing year. With mild winters, more ticks can survive winter months, exponentially increasing tick populations.

Mosquito Squad of Louisville has got you covered no matter how mild the winter. We offer season-long mosquito control and tick control. With our combined services you can enjoy your outdoor spaces all summer (and even late winter) with fewer risks of the dangers posed by mosquito and tick bites. Call today for a free quote to get a head start on the summer outdoor season! 

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