Louisville Mosquito Season… Is There An End In Sight?

Well, of course, there is, but it may not be as soon as you had hoped. Did you know that the rise in temperature around the earth has an effect on how long those pesky little monsters will last right here in our backyards? It’s true! According to a report by Climate Central, cities in the United States have seen a rise in the average mosquito season of 20 to 40 days per year since the 1980s. In over 20 major US cities, 200 days of mosquitoes are possible due to climate and conditions.

Of the top 25 cities with these rising numbers, Louisville Kentucky is number 15, with 26 more days in our mosquito season compared to 1980. There’s one high rank that we could have done without. There are other effects of climate change that promote mosquito population as well. More and more we see periods of drought followed by periods of heavy rainfall. These downpours lead to more standing water, which is the favorable place for female mosquitoes to hatch their eggs. The Natural Resources Defense Council also states that the higher temperatures lead to a shorter incubation period for these eggs. That, simply stated, leads to more mosquitoes.

What Does This Mean For Us?

You mean other than the annoying buzzing at outdoor events and the horrible itching and scratching that goes with the bites? Mosquitoes carry disease: More mosquitoes = more disease. As Zika stays in the news, our risks are increasing. Now that there is proof that this virus is being transmitted by mosquitoes in the U.S., the longer season will make more opportunity to spread the disease. Longer warm seasons that make for the perfect mosquito habitat also help to promote the spread of West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis. Both of these have been present in Kentucky over the last few years.

Control the Things you Can

Climate change is a global issue so we alone can’t reverse the effects, but everyone can be kinder to their own environment. Little things grow into bigger things. However living with the effects is something we also all have to do, and it is proven that mosquitoes and disease are one of these. This makes mosquito control of more importance than ever. No longer is it enough to mist on a little bug repellent or light a citronella candle in the back yard. Mosquitoes need to be eliminated, and breeding must be controlled. Follow the 5Ts of mosquito control in your own yard and help educate others in your neighborhood. Then let Mosquito Squad of Louisville eliminate 85-90% of the adult mosquitoes in your yard and work with you to create an ongoing plan to keep them away. We must all do our part to promote a safe outdoor environment for the future of this planet. Call us today!