Itchy, Annoying Louisville Mosquitoes Eliminated, Fast!

At Mosquito Squad of Louisville we often get caught up in the dangers of mosquitoes and ticks. This can often leave us neglecting the more common cause for mosquito control needs in Louisville — the nuisance factor. Ouch, itchy, ugly, annoying mosquitoes come swarming out at dusk and leave you swatting and smacking and just plain irritated. All you want to do is enjoy the glorious summer nights, and these pests are driving you back inside, where you don’t want to be.

Stinky Sprays

While many stinky mosquito repellant sprays do a great job at keeping mosquitoes off of you, mist is such a hassle. Depending on the reason you are outside, it can be completely unpractical. Can you imagine handing your dinner guests a can of stinky mosquito repellent before serving them dinner al fresco on the deck? Not very appetizing. Have you ever tried to mist a young child with repellent just to have them run away or accidently rub the mist in their eyes which then becomes a burning disaster? With mosquito control for your whole yard, you can come in and out without preparation, mist or stinky burning disasters.

Candles, Coils & Natural Remedies Oh My!

You may have experienced some moderate mosquito control success with candles, coils or tiki torches. But you probably discovered a few annoyances that became huge hassles. First, you need to stay within very close proximity. Second, you have to refill tiki torches with messy oil that goes everywhere. Third, the smell may bother your allergies, or you may simply forget to replace them, leaving you stuck indoors for the night. And if you’ve tried planting this plant or that plant or concocting home-made mist or lotion, you quite likely have found yourself itchy and disappointed at the end of a summer night outdoors.

Protect yourself and everyone who spends time on your property with mosquito barrier treatment by Mosquito Squad of Louisville. The odorless, residue-free mist eliminates 85-90% of mosquitoes and ticks on your property on contact and continues to work for up to 21 days. Call today for a pest-free Louisville summer you’ll never forget.