Are you planning a Derby Event? Don't Forget Louisville Mosquito Control.

In just a little more than a week the track at Churchill Downs will be perfectly manicured, the flowers will be in full bloom, the horses will be drawn into the starting gate, and with a shot…. The Run for the Roses will begin. The last thing anyone wants to have to do with their new and glorious derby hat is to use it to swat mosquitoes. Mosquito Squad of Louisville can help eliminate the existence of these pests in your yard during this festive time of year.

Zika in Louisville

Mosquitoes are simply annoying, but it isn’t just the buzzing around your head and the itchy bites that you have to think about. They carry disease, and the vital information about these diseases is ever changing. What seems to be the main public focus over the last year is the Zika Virus. According to the Kentucky Department of Public Health there are confirmed cases of the Zika Virus in Louisville. Although all confirmed cases in the United States are travel related or sexually transmitted to date, this could change at any moment. Mosquitoes that carry the virus become infected by feeding on a person that has the virus. It then spreads the virus to other people. So if there is a presence of the disease here, the possibility to spread it through mosquito bites is here as well. A study from the Public Library of Science, testing 50 cities in which weather conditions are suitable for the Aedes Aegypti (the vector mosquito for Zika virus), shows Louisville in the top 25 of these cities. What this means is that we are among the cities more likely for these mosquitoes to live and breed in.

Let The Show Go On

The best way to put these little but mighty pests out of your mind is prevention. No matter the size of your Derby entertaining, we have the solution to keep them away. Our special event treatment, with extra protection against biting and stinging insects, can be put down 24-48 hours before any event. Perfect for catered events, it is applied long before food and dinnerware arrive, it dries in 30 minutes, and lasts all day and through the night. Our backyard barrier protection is applied every 2-3 weeks, eliminating mosquitoes on contact, with its time released formula continuing to eliminate 85-90% of the mosquito population in your yard. Plan for the comfort of your guests and call us, Mosquito Squad of Louisville, today! 

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