“Fight the Bite Day and Night”: Kentucky is Prepared for the Zika Virus

Kentucky State officials have responded to the potential arrival of Zika Virus this summer with a campaign about public awareness and prevention named Fight the Bite Day and Night. Citing prevention as the best method of Zika protection, the state of Kentucky is reminding residents to lower their risk to mosquitoes this summer.

State officials are not the only ones preparing for the Zika Virus. The University of Kentucky has created a Zika informational website to educate the public on all things Zika related. The site includes Frequently Asked Zika questions, how to prevent Zika, how to avoid and fight mosquitoes as well as links to other relevant Zika information.

Fighting Zika in Lousiville is Everyone’s Responsibility

Here in Louisville, the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness is busy pre-treating and testing mosquitoes in mosquito prone areas across Jefferson County. They want to make sure the public is aware that the mosquitoes responsible for transmitting Zika Virus are container breeders, which means individuals will be most effective at mosquito elimination and population control by eliminating standing water on their properties. While the primary vector, Aedes Aegytpi is not super common here, the Aedes Albopictus is, and they are both aggressive daytime feeders and container breeders. Local officials also remind the public that if they travel to Zika affected areas, they should avoid mosquitoes and mosquito bites for three weeks after their return to avoid transmitting Zika to the local mosquito population.

Mosquitoes Need Fresh Water Infographic

With the possibility of Zika Virus arriving in Louisville this summer, the 5 T’s of mosquito control are more important than ever. With container breeders, like the mosquitoes responsible for transmitting Zika Virus, eliminating standing water on your property is key to mosquito population growth prevention. For even further reduction of mosquitoes in your yard call Mosquito Squad of Louisville. Our traditional barrier treatment eliminates 85-90% of mosquitoes on your property and continues to work for up to 3 weeks.