Zika Virus Continues to Be A Developing Story

Zika is a word that most of us had never even heard of a year ago. But today it seems that every time we turn on the news we hear about the spreading of it across America. As of March 2nd, 29 states and 3 American territories have been affected by Zika. All of these cases are travel-related, however, it is a must that we understand how the virus is spread and how quickly the way we think it is transmitted can change. The information seems to be ever evolving so it is important we keep up to date, especially as we enter into the warmer months and the height of mosquito season. At Mosquito Squad of Louisville, we are working to keep you informed as we become informed.

What are the effects?

Zika is a virus spread to people primarily by an infected Aedes Mosquito, however, it is the only mosquito-borne illness that can be passed human to human through sexual contact or blood transfusion. The CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) have spent a great amount of time studying the strongly suggested links between Zika Virus and microcephaly in newborns as well as Guillain-Barre syndrome in infected people. Just this week NBC News reports of cases of Zika accompanied with a paralyzing condition in the island of Martinique. March 4th, 2016 The New England Journal of Medicine reported a strong link of Zika to birth defects, not limited to microcephaly, in infants infected in the womb. This development is one we will watch very closely. WHO warns that since there have been no large outbreaks before 2007, we have little knowledge of what complications of the Zika virus are yet to arise. The information becomes more conclusive as studies continue but still it is ever changing.

What should we do?

So how does all of this information affect us in Louisville? Prevention Prevention Prevention. Although all present cases in the United States are travel related, the virus is actually spread to mosquitos by humans. If a mosquito bites an infected human, it can immediately spread the virus by biting others. Therefore infected individuals are urged not to allow themselves to be bitten within their first week of infection. For the rest of us, not getting bitten at all is our best defense. Insect repellent is a must when outdoors this time of year, but even better is keeping your yard safe with mosquito barrier treatment by Mosquito Squad of Louisville. Our traditional barrier treatment will eliminate 85-90% of the mosquitoes & ticks in your yard. Please call us. And be sure to keep an eye on our blog all season long as the story progresses.

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