Lyme Disease in Louisville: The Spreading Disease Can Happen Here

While the CDC reports that 95% of Lyme disease cases are concentrated in just 14 states, the maps show that rapid increases in case numbers in those areas are spreading to other areas. While the Northeast and Midwest are feeling the greatest pain, we are a neighboring state that could soon feel great effects.

Kentucky has seen a rise of Lyme cases in recent years, going from 5 Lyme cases in 2005 to 37 probable cases in 2015 according to the CDC. Lyme disease can interrupt a life severely, making every case of it one too many.

Tick & Lyme Disease Expert Visits University of Louisville

In a recent visit to the University of Louisville, Logan McCulloch, Lyme disease expert, shared important tick safety information with students on campus. The spreading of tick awareness and safety precautions can help Louisville residents avoid tick bites and lower their risks for Lyme disease.

McCulloch found it extremely important, as do we, to disavow the common misconception that ticks are strictly a summer danger. “Ticks live through the winter time, they may just be dormant, but when it warms up, 60 degrees in February, actually when it gets above 40 degrees for several days in a row, ticks will become active.” He reminded everyone that there is not a season where you’re completely safe from ticks, but when the winter is mild like it has been, we have to be extra vigilant.

Tick Safety in Louisville

Ticks quest for their next meal on tall grasses and like to hang out in shady, moist places as they hate sunlight and heat. When you are going into places where ticks are known to be congregating, it is important to wear pants, tucked into your socks. You can also wear lighter colors to help you spot ticks should they grab on to you. Use a lint roller to remove ticks from your clothing.

When you come home from a hike or other outdoor activity, it is vital to change your clothes (washing them immediately) and do a head to toe tick check. For worry-free protection in your own yard, where you spend the most outdoor time, call Mosquito Squad of Louisville for the best intensive tick treatment available. We’ll help you eliminate 85-90% of ticks from your yard all season long.

For additional assurance, be sure to follow the 6 C’s of tick control.