How Does a Louisville Mosquito Bite Work and Why Does it Itch?

There really are few things as small as a simple mosquito bite that can be so horribly annoying.

Often times they’ve bitten you and disappeared without you knowing they were there. AND THEN… the itch sets in and oh you know it! It brings you to wonder how exactly such a tiny, and what can appear frail, creature can do so much damage. Mosquitoes have roamed the planet for millions of years and at present more humans are killed by them than by any other creature. How do they do it? Well, the video below will show you exactly how they are engineered to get the nutrition they need to continue to produce and continue to irritate. There is more going on here than you probably ever imagined.

Step By Step: How a Mosquito Bites You

A female mosquito requires blood to create eggs. This is the reason that she bites humans. Male mosquitoes do not. For the female to carry out the task she carries six tiny, needle-like appendages in a protective sheath. Each “needle” has a specific job.

  1. The first two saw through the skin. The “teeth” are so sharp it’s barely felt.
  2. The second two pry open your skin and keep it open while the next one does its work.
  3. This next one is a probe. It searches out and guides towards blood vessels. Then it becomes the literal straw for the blood meal.
  4. Lastly, there is a needle that secretes a chemical for the purpose of creating quicker blood flow. It’s this chemical that also causes the welts and itching that drives us crazy!

This efficient process is what makes a female mosquito the perfect carrier and deliverer of disease. When infected, not only will they be extracting blood they will also be infecting you with whatever they might be carrying. To avoid mosquito bites and lower your risks for a mosquito-borne disease the best thing you can do is keep your living spaces clear of mosquitoes. Follow our 5Ts of mosquito control at Mosquito Squad of Louisville.

That’s the best first step in protecting your yard and family. After that, give us a call. Our mosquito barrier treatment will kill 85-90% of mosquitoes on contact and continue working for up to 3 weeks. We’d love to tell you more about our services. Let’s take control of the pests in your yard together, today!