Mosquito Squad Sprayer Gets Pulled Over By Police

Our Louisville Mosquito Squad technician was shocked when he was waved over by a police officer in Louisville. He is always very careful to abide by traffic laws, like all Mosquito Squad employees. What could he have done wrong? Well, it turns out he was doing everything right, including working for the premier Louisville mosquito control company.

The Police Officer was working an intersection in Louisville with some Fire Department members, collecting money for Kosair’s Crusade for Children. Kosair collects money for children’s hospitals.

The cop noticed our technician was driving a Mosquito Squad van and flagged him over. Let the panic set in. No one, no matter how innocent feels completely at ease when a cop waves them over. Feeling confused, our technician pulled over. To his relief, the cop was simply curious about Mosquito Squad. It turns out cops need mosquito control in Louisville too. So next time you’re driving through Louisville, don’t judge us if you see a Mosquito Squad van pulled over, the cop is quite likely inquiring about service, not our amazing driving skills.

If you’re interested in the best Louisville mosquito control, don’t try to flag us down while we’re driving. Just give us a call, we are sure to have a solution to meet your needs.